Diver finds 900-year-old Crusaders off the coast of Israel


A sword believed to belong to a Crusade knight some 900 years ago was found by an amateur diver off the north coast of Israel.The one meter (3.3 ft) long blade was discovered by Shlomi Katzin and handed over to the authorities.The sword was believed to be wrapped in marine life. reappeared after the movement of the sand The Israeli Antiquities Agency (IAA) said that once it was cleaned and analyzed, it was put on public display.

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Nir Distelfeld, Inspector General of the IAA's Anti-Theft Unit, said: "The sword, which has been preserved in perfect condition, has been preserved. beautiful and rare and clearly belonged to the Crusades knights."It's exciting to find something personal like this. It will take you back 900 years to a different era with knights, armor and swords.Kobi Sharvit, who heads the IAA's marine archeology unit, said the Carmel coast where the blade was found.

It has provided shelter for ships during storms over centuries of coastal water transport activities.These conditions have attracted merchant ships for many generations. leaving rich archaeological discoveries behind,The Crusaders fought in several religious wars known as the Crusades. which was punished by the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages The most well-known crusade was a campaign in the Eastern Mediterranean with the goal of restoring the holy land from Muslim rule.